Niasia’s Story

Birth Haven has opened doors for me in the short time I’ve been here. In addition, they’ve helped me seek services for my baby.

Sally’s Story

Birth Haven took me in when I had nowhere to go and gave me a safe place to stay while I was pregnant. Birth Haven linked me with resources to ensure that my child would have a good head start in life.

Shania’s Story

On behalf of Birth Haven, I would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your generous sponsorship!

Blanca’s Story

Birth Haven has given me a fresh start and an opportunity to do what’s best for my son.

Khadija’s Story

Birth Haven made it possible for me to achieve my goals. I obtained stable housing with the patience and support of the staff. I am so thankful that they accepted me into their program.

Jerricka’s Story

Birth Haven is the best place I’ve been; the staff and residents are like family to me and they are always supportive. Birth Haven has relieved so much of my stress by giving me a place to stay when I had nowhere to go. Birth Haven is the best and I want to thank the staff for making it this way. I would recommend Birth Haven to all pregnant women who want to start over and make a better life for themselves and their kids.